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Nov 17, 2000 10:19 AM

opinions on ma goa on upper richmond road?

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is the quest for a decent goanese finally over? will i get a proper vindaloo? will i find xacutti? will it all end in tears like that ghastly place in porchester?

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  1. Well...if you trust my opinion...I love Ma Goa. I used to live down SW way, and I went there once every couple of months for three years! Excellent and just spicy enough not to blow your head off.

    And here's something I'll tell for free...Talad Thai, just a few hundred yards down Upper Richmond Road toward Barnes, next to a laundrette -- is fantastic too. Looks like nothing from the outside - in fact it's tacked on to a Thai grocer's. You practically sit in what passes for a kitchen. But the food's so good that I once ordered 250 spring rolls and other starters as hors d'oeuvres for my dinner party!

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    1. re: magnolia
      Simon Majumdar

      I agree on Thalad Thai.

      I lived just down from there unti Feb and this was a regular.

      make sure you go further up towards Barnes and try the Pope's Eye like I suggested in yesterdays post.

      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        I thought Pope's Eye was in Hammersmith. Isn't it a steak house?

        1. re: magnolia
          Simon Majumdar

          Two branches. Best one in Barnes

          Don't say Steak House so dismissively. What would life be without well prepared slabs of dead cow. Oops I am back to talking about my ex girlfriend again!!

          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            Not dismissive at all - you are obviously PROJECTING.

            There's nothing like a juicy, rare steak! Ever been to Peter Luger's under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn? It's like that scene at the drive-in on the Flintstones where Fred orders food to his car, and the waiter shows up with an entire dinosaur on a plate. They also have great creamed spinach and chocolate mousse.

            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              "What would life be without well prepared slabs of dead cow."

              safe, probably, if said cow is british. on the other hand, have you eaten at el gaucho in the chelsea market? wonderful, wonderful argentine beef, blessedly free of mad-cow disease. almost as good as la portena in jackson heights, which you should make sure to visit next time you are in manhattan.

              1. re: howler
                Simon Majumdar

                Actually have been to the Jackson Heights place. Loved it.

                Enough of the slurs on brit beef. Let's just point the finger across the channel shall we?

                Also in Picadilly is the Gaucho Grill. may be part of the same family. excellent.

                Much like Pampas on Amsterdam which is my fave in Manhattan

                1. re: Simon Majumdar

                  glad to see you've had the good sense to venture out of manhattan into the food wonderland that is jackson heights. have you checked out many of the other glorious restaurants there?

                  as for gaucho grill, i was taken there the other day. the street was massively touristy, what you can do, its piccadily after all, and we had to walk downstairs into this candlelit room in which everyone was talking waaay to loud. baaaad vibes, i fled instantaneously for a soothing lamb steak over rice at the old bosphorous.

        2. re: magnolia

          c'mon, magnolia, help get me there - tell me what they do well. please?

          1. re: howler

            Howler - Ma Goa culpa, I'm really bad at remembering the names of dishes - unless they're French.

            But now I realize that if I'm gonna play (cricket) with the big boys, I'm going to have to be specific from now on.

            I've had a couple of excellent pork dishes (with apologies to my grandparents!) One was made with cloves, cinnamon & possibly ginger. They have an excellent sausage starter. I'm not a fan of chicken but my neighbour, with whom I went quite often, always got some kind of chicken. I know they have Xacutti and several other preparations. Another friend with whom I went, who was a picky vegetarian, also found enough to keep her quiet!

            Oh, just Go-an' try it yourself. But book ahead.

            Then again...I've never been to Goa or to another Goan restaurant, so I don't have anything with which to compare it!

        3. s
          Simon Majumdar

          Avoid. I hated it.

          You will probably love it then.

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          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            what'd you hate, simon? was it inauthentic, indifferent? or were the delicate bangla sensibilities offended by the cocoanut curried fish?

            1. re: howler
              Simon Majumdar

              I guess to be fair I was not in the mood for their rather rustic approach. I had received good reports but found the spicing to be unsubtle and didn't feel that slapping coconut in everything was authentic.

              Other people do like this. maybe I just caught it on an off day

              It just didn't work for me.

          2. Since this is an International section of the Board ;-)
            I found my answer in Ipenema dist. in Rio.
            A goanese family had started this small place. The
            lady used to work at the British HighCommission in
            Brazil, and did occasional catered dinners for special
            I had sarpotel and rice and feni. Wow I thought it was impossible to get feni outside - Let alone in Rio.

            So there you go ! for what it's worth.

            PS: I have no recollection of the name of the place, however I can get there by bus, plus walking a few blocks from the stop ;-)