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Nov 3, 2000 04:14 AM

c&r in rupert court, london: superb asian

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in a small alley off rupert street, amongst the crowd of very many indifferent chinese restaurants is this small, cheerful shrine to deliciousness. EVERYTHING i've eaten at c&r has been made with care and pride; even the roti, which only shows up as an appetiser (in roti canai) is a marvel. the laksa soup is beautifully balanced, but i've no idea if its the singaporean or malaysian version being served here.

for what its worth, the restaurant bills itself as 'authentic malaysian/singaporean cuisine', and while i have no competence to judge authenticity, i'd still bet on it: the care shown here rarely is given to bastards.
and i got the tip at india club ....

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    Simon Majumdar

    Have not been in there for ages. I MUST give it a go next week.

    By the way, just opposite on rupert St is Melati's a very good malaysian place which is also well worth trying

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar
      yvonne johnson

      I was just writing about hot soup in Norway of all places. Melati's spicy coconut soup used to be my fav. I miss London!