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Oct 27, 2000 05:28 AM

Italian pizza in Shirokane, Tokyo

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About six months ago, I picked up a copy of Savour, a free weekly (monthly?) food magazine in Tokyo. In it there was a bit on a place in Shirokane that makes what I believe was a green chili/pork pizza. The place was well known because the owner brought over Italian stonemasons to build his pizza over in authentic style. Does anyone out there know the name/location of the place I am talking about? I've been thinking about that chili pizza lately.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Have you found the name of the place in Shirokane? I've asked around, and everybody I've queried is drawing a blank. The only thing that I can think of at this point would be to ask the source. Looking in the issue of "Savour" on my desk, I do see an email address for correspondence:

    If you find out the name of the place, please do post the answer to this mystery.


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    1. re: Andy P.

      I tried the e-mail route, but got no reply. I've not given up the search, but let's say it's dormant for now.

      Andy, as a Tonki fan, do you have any word on the Jiyugaoka branch?

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        I've yet to hit the Jiyugaoka branch. Since the Tonki down the hill from the west exit at Meguro Sta. is on my way home, thats the one I tend to frequent. Although, I did try the smaller Tonki, just across from the east exit at Meguro eki, a few days ago. What a disappointment! I've not posted about it yet, hoping that it was just an "off" night. I'll try again, and see what happens. Actually, next week, I think I'll try the three branches on three consecutive nights.

        Also, this week, I've promised myself to get over to Ebisu Garden Place to try the joint you recommended. I'll let you know...