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Oct 23, 2000 11:48 AM

2 London Hotel Restaurants of Special Note

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Just returned from a week in London and would like to share my thoughts on two very good dining experiences in hotel dining rooms. Yes, hotel dining can indeed be quite good!

The Terrace Restaurant : Located in Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, this brasserie is tucked away on the second floor in a tranquil, "greenhouse" setting overlooking the hustle of Piccadilly below. It apparently has not yet been "discovered" and was fairly quiet on the two evenings I dined there.
Of particular merit were the wild mushroom/scallop risotto, quail with raspberries, and the seared fois gras appetizer. The menu offers large and small portions of almost every item, so you can sample more dishes and "graze". Desserts were also very good, especially the ubiquitous hot chocolate cake with a runny center topped with tremendous homemade pistachio ice cream.
The only downside of the restaurant is that it is very quiet, which to some is an attribute but to others may lack the "buzz" they are looking for.

1837 Restaurant : Located in Brown's Hotel, this is a traditional, formal dining room with attentive service and contemporary British fare with a decided French touch. Tasting menus are offered (7 or 9 courses) which make the meal an "adventure". My 7 course dinner included smoked salmon with osetra caviar, sweet breads and pidgeon salad, seared fois gras, scallops, black angus steak, a cheese plate and a dessert. Though these are traditional dishes, each was prepared with a contemparary twist. This restaurant is recommended for a special night out.

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