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Oct 6, 2000 02:39 PM

Llar de l'all i oli in Barcelona

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I'm going to Barcelona in a few days, and read all the rave reviews for this restaurant. Does anyone know if they are open on Sunday and/or Monday? And where is Badalona? Everyone mentions that it is right near Barcelona, but I can't find it on my map.


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    Tom Armitage

    I don't know what on days the restaurant may be closed. You'll probably have to call after you arrive in Barcelona to find out. Badalona, like Barcelona, is located on the Mediterranean coast, north of Barcelona. If you're driving, take the A-19. The restaurant is a very pleasant, local family-style place, not a tourist haunt. In Barcelona, I strongly recommend going to Cal Pep. I just had a friend return from Spain who thanked me effusively for directing him and his wife to Cal Pep, and told me that the razor clams at Cal Pep were the single most extraordinary dish they'd had in Spain.

    Have fun, and when you return let us know where and what you ate and how you liked, or didn't like, it.