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Oct 4, 2000 11:41 AM

Tex's advice on Barcelona...

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Hi Tex, I read your message on 9/13 and liked your reviews.....I'm definity going to try La Fonda & Bar Marsella. And also Pinocho for sure. Thanks, Linda

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    Tom Armitage


    I wrote a lengthy series on Barcelona during my stay there in October 1999. I've provided a link to my "Notes from Barcelona" below. I highly recommend that you eat a meal at Cal Pep. It was my favorite of the places I ate in Barcelona. A close second was Cafe De L'Academeia. I was absolutely swept off my feet by the quality of the food--especially seafood--in Barcelona. And I'm very envious of you and your trip. Please let us know where you ate, and what you thought, when you return from your trip. Happy eating!


    1. Hope you have a good time.
      Let me know where you went.
      If you go to Pinocho in the Boquera market (off the Ramblas) you should also check out Garduna restaurant which is at the back of the market.