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Sep 15, 2000 11:33 AM

no more 3 stars in London

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Does anyone know why Chez Nico and Oak Room Marco Pierre White do not have 3 stars in the 2000 Michelin Guide? They are not even listed.

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    Robin Majumdar

    Nico Landenis has given up his 3 stars as he wants to move towards a dining experience which offers simpler, less expensive cooking. He has recently opened a new restaurant Incognico in Central London which showcases this new direction. I haven't been there but it's had good reviews. I believe MPW has retired and is moving into hotel catering.

    Of course if you want stars there's always Gordon Ramsay, Tante Claire, Le Gavroche and The Square. They only have 2 stars but probably try that little bit harder.....

    1. Marco and Nico gave back their 3 stars and retired from cooking therefore the waterside inn is the only place to hold 3 stars