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Aug 25, 2000 02:55 PM

tarte flambee

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on a recent trip to colmar france I had a tarte flambee
or flammekueche. It consisted of a thin crust topped
with cream. cheese. grilled onions and bacon. Does
anyone know how the crust was made? It is not a quiche
the crust was flat, thin and almost cracker like texture.

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  1. Andre Soltner, the original owner/chef of Lutece, used to make Tarte Flambee as a lagniappe from time to time. The recipe in his Lutece Cookbook calls for 7 ounces of what he terms "Basic Bread Dough." Does that help?

    1. I usually make a tarte flambee with a good pizza crust recipe.

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        it is nothing else than a very, extremely thin bread dough.... topped with all those delicious toppings...!!

      2. It's delicious, at least, the one I just ate n Strasbourg is. What I want to know, is how? Bread dough is not all that easy to roll out to this extreme thinness. (Much thiner than thin-crust pizza) So, Is it made slightly moist, and rolled out on a floured board with more flour sprinkled on top. Or do you simply need an Alsatian farmhand with enviable biceps to roll it this thin?