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Aug 12, 2000 01:45 AM

Heathrow Eats...Anything???

  • m

I am going to be stuck at Heathrow for a good long time next month and was wondering what the BEST of what I assume are a handful of not-so-good rstaurants, might be. Thanks!

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  1. Michael--

    Search down this board's index for at least one good suggestion for chow nearby.


    1. This may not be what you had in mind but when I was stuck there for a couple of hours with a
      friend about a year ago we discovered that they
      sell wonderful fresh fruit juices right there on
      the concourse in the airport. We had a bottle of
      vodka with us so we spiked a couple of large cups
      of juice, sat back and watched the world go by until
      they called our flight. It was a pleasant way
      to pass the time.