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Aug 3, 2000 08:55 AM


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I will be spending 2 weeks in Hawaii in November (Waikiki) and I would love to hear about any restaurants that are must stops so I don't miss anything good. I would especially appreciate any suggestions on fun places to go for a group-is it possible to find a good beer in Hawaii???

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    Kau Kau Hound

    Aloha stillwingy:

    For a spendy and trendy Pacific Rim dinner, try Alan Wong’s on King St.

    Keo’s Thai is the most popular Thai restaurant, average prices and pleasant decor. Keo grows his own produce and orchids for the restaurant on his farm. Evil Jungle Prince is his signature dish and it’s basically a hyped up red chicken curry.

    Irifune is a laid back Japanese BYOB restaurant in Kaimuki. Small and crowded at times, but inexpensive. Stop by Fujioka’s Wine first for some help selecting a wine.

    By all means, try the lunch trucks and drive-ins that are so common. Pork/chicken katsu is my favorite plate lunch item, sometimes rivaled by Teri Beef or Mahi Mahi. All items tend to come with two scoops rice and one scoop macaroni salad. Rainbow Drive-Inn in Kaimuki is convenient to Waikiki beach.

    The famous “White Shrimp Truck” on the north shore serves up succulent garlicky shrimp fresh from the farm atop a pile of rice. The only other fare offered here are hot dogs and soft drinks, so come hungry for shrimp.

    Chinatown offers a wealth of wonderful Chinese, including dim sum. This part of town can be quite seedy, so go for lunch--not dinner.

    You will see Zippy’s all over the place. They have great chili and serve fresh fish dinners at unbelievable prices (even opakapaka if it’s fresh and available).

    You must try: Portugese malasadas, manapua (similar to char shiu bau) and bring home some Lion coffee.

    As far as beer goes, I know they have a Gordon Biersch at the Aloha Tower, and this would be a great place to go for pupus and to watch a sunset. Do try Ali’i Ale, it’s good and it’s brewed on Oahu (you won’t find this at Gordy’s, though).

    For specific address info use the link below, please.



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    1. re: Kau Kau Hound

      Awesome message, kau kau hound!

      Just your salutation of "Aloha stillwingy" alone earns you Message of the Week status, so the great tips are gravy.

      Hope you'll stick around, we need more Hawaiian food discussion. I've never been there, but from what I've heard, it's a chowhound paradise.

      Any idea if there's anything even vaguely Hawaiian on the East Coast?


      1. re: Jim Leff

        >>Hope you'll stick around, we need more Hawaiian food discussion. <<

        That's 'cause this is the "International" board; shouldn't we be in "Elsewhere In America"? ;}
        That's one of the joys of Hawai'i - I heard it best summed up as "Hawai'i is in the United States, but it's not American."

    2. Kudos Kau Kau Hound - you've pointed my fellow haole towards a couple of my favs in Honolulu. Stillwingy-san, if you're looking for a group event, please check out one of the luaus sponsored by the hotels or resorts. The best source of info for these are the pamphlets in your (or anybody's) hotel. The best one I've ever been to is at a resort about 30 - 45 min west of Pearl Harbor (Pearl Kai). I'm sorry that their name escapes me right now, but their brochures are available in the lobby (and rooms) of just about every hotel in Waikiki. The mai-tais are dangerous, the roast pork is succulent in ways that I can't believe, the veggies are tender, the poi is ...well, poi. But the after-dinner show is so great, and so varied, and so cool, that you will be glad you made the drive. The brochure says (if I remember correctly)...Largest Luau on Ohau. And, it is. I went there with about 14 people, and we had just the best time (The luau seats about 200 people). Reservations must be made at least 3-4 days in advance (Some resorts allow 24 hour notification for the luau). I know that the whole concept sounds cheesy - which it is - but it is a lot of fun.

      For a nice pre-dinner sunset drink, check out the beach-side bars at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (a bit west of Waikiki, but a very easy beach walk.)


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      1. re: Andy P.

        It's the 50th state, yes?

        1. re: Kam
          Judy Leibovitch

          I know, I know. Once I called United to book a flight home to Hawaii and got transferred to the international desk. Ay yah.

        2. re: Andy P.

          That does it. I'm chucking the whole rest of the site and just talking about Hawaii from now on.

          This is the best, funniest thread we've had in a long time. I'm still (barely) recovering from "Stillwingy-san"...


        3. j
          Judy Leibovitch

          The Kim Chee restaurants are a must have craving, every time I go home. You can mix and match kal bi, bulgoki, chicken, man doo for $6-7. Comes with large variety of kim chee, plus soup if you eat in, and of course, macaroni salad (reequired in any local plate lunch). I like the one in Kaneohe the best if you rent a car, but there are a couple in town, both on Waialae Ave, I think. Leonard's malasadas are my favorite pastry, but I recently discovered Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery, which are cream puffs filled w/ chocolate cream and frosted with buttercream. They also sell them prepackaged and frozen, which I was assured could make it back to the Mainland unscathed.
          My favorite ramen close to Waikiki is Ezogiku. There is one at both ends of Kalakaua Ave. Big servings, lots of kamaboko and char siu, and comes with gyoza. My current favorite "nice" restaurant is A Pacific Cafe, which started in Kapaa, Kauai serving impeccably fresh fish and homegrown veggies, and has spread to all the major islands. It's in Ward Warehouse on Ala Moana Ave.

          1. k
            Kau Kau Hound

            I forgot to mention that my favorite breakfast around is served at Wailana Coffee House across Ala Moana Blvd from the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This place has bangers and the single best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant. Eat here the morning after that luau and all those sickeningly sweet Mai Tais, your belly will thank you.

            1. Okonomi Cuisine Kai - great place. Kind of hidden around the corner of Walmart in Honolulu. Keeaumoku St?

              Beer? Longboard Ale tasted okay, but not sure I tried anything else that was Hawaiian.

              If it's in your budget, I would recommend going to the Kahala Mandarin for a night. Well worth it.

              Go to Leonards for some malasadas. Great portuguese donuts.

              Also, I agree with Kau Kau and the White Shrimp Truck. (East side of the island), but you should also look for Keneke's too. A great truck stop with good Chicken Adobo and all your regular plate lunch stuff.