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Jul 31, 2000 01:05 PM


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Just saw the new movie "Bossa Nova" with Amy Irving. Very good. I'm interested in the recipe for the drink served and mentioned throughout the movie - the caipirinha. Apparently it's the national drink of Brasil - probably rum-based with lime. It looks very tasty.

Send response to email address or post a reply here. Thanks for the help.


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  1. Hi, David

    remember the golden rule: email helps a hound, posting helps the whole pack.

    First, it's chachaca, which is similar to rum (but I would never make one with rum).

    I don't know the exact recipe (you'd get more help, surely, on our general topics board), but I'll give you three secrets I learned in Rio:

    1. use good cachaca (pronounced, btw, kuh SHAH suh). If it doesn't taste good straight, don't make drinks with it.

    2. pound the limes like crazy. think pain no gain.

    3. you'll have to add more sugar than seems prudent. It's an imprudent drink, so go for it.

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Leslie Brenner

      Here's my recipe for a batch of 6:

      8 oz. cachaça
      juice of 4 limes
      2 heaping TBS sugar
      lime slices for garnish

      Dissolve sugar in the lime juice in a shaker. Add cachaça, shake, pour into glasses with ice, and garnish with lime slices.

      This is a great drink--enjoy! Brazilians also do variations using cachaça with other fruit juices, such as mango, orange, pineapple, coconut milk, or passion fruit. If you add a raw egg white, it becomes a batida.

      Recipe copyright 1994 by Leslie Brenner.

      1. re: Leslie Brenner

        I've never seen a recipe for these just using lime juice. The ones I've had always have the limes muddled right in the glass.

        1. re: Heidi

          Yup...muddling's key. You want the bitter oils from the lime peel.

          Here's some good info.


          1. re: Steven Stern

            I had this drink and loved it when I was in Brazil and Argentina a couple months ago. I could not find the recipe anywhere until I found this site - Thank you! I brought back a bottle of "Pinga" and will make these tonight for my husband and I!

          2. re: Heidi
            Leslie Brenner

            This is a quick way to make a batch of six. When you squeeze in the lime for garnish and drop it in, you get some of the lime oil.

        2. re: Jim Leff

          The way I have seen it being made

          Take lime slices and sugar, put it in the glass
          (same size as the one used for anything-on-the rocks)
          add a few drops of water, then using a pestle, mush it into a syrupy liquid. Add ice cubes, pour chaasha (sp?)
          then cover it with a similar glass, share the mixture,
          --- serve.

          PS: This is who a lovely bartender I know, who is
          from Brazil serves it up.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            I have had many a CAIPIRINHA, in various parts of Brazil, and I often make them at home.

            First of all, the limes should be mashed immediately after cutting them. In some restaurants (ie Platforma)they cut the limes in advance, which gives a very bitter taste to what should be a sweet sour drink, not a bitter drink.

            Generally, the limes in Brazil are cut in eighths, I would say. A Brazilian friend of mine slices them very thinly, instead.

            The amount of sugar you then add is a matter of taste, but you must mash the hell out of the mixture with a pestle. Then the ice, then the cachaca (Pitu is good and easy to find.) Now mix with a spoon (I like using a thin ice tea spoon.)

            BTW, the Brazilians traditionally have CAIPIRINHAS on Saturdays before a large meat and rice dish. I like them with home made paella. I find the lime good with fish, especially if spicy. I like them with jambalaya also, believe it or not.

            Hartsdale, NY

          2. c
            Clement Aidone

            Just had a real good dining experience at Plataforma, Churrascaria (W 49th); this is an authentic Brazilian Restaurant with MEAT, MEAT and more MEAT. We had excellent Caipirinha's and they gave us a card with their it is:
            Cut a half lime into small cubes and place in an old fashioned glass. Add bar sugar to taste. Mash it all with a spoon or pestle. Fill glass with cracked ice. Add 2oz. Pitu ( a real strong rum called Cushasha; unsure of the spelling) stir or shake well.

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