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Jun 23, 2000 07:03 PM

dublin ireland and edinburgh scotland

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i am a gourmet and major world travelled foodie can anyone please tell me the places they liked in dublin and edinburgh please all levels of dining would be appreciated from pubs to high end thank you please be specific

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    Simon Majumdar

    The best pub in the whole of Dublin is called Toner's. I don't recall the street but it is on the way to the rugby ground and every one knows it. Proper Guiness is served with a great deal of attention to detail and is well kept.

    Other places of interest can be found around the Temple Bar area.

    The U2 owned hotel ( the Clarence, I think ) by the Ha'penny Bridge does exceptional if expensive cocktails and has an interesting menu which is about as close to "fine dining" at Dublin gets

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      Susan O'Grady

      We recently spent a few days in Dublin. The only meal that impressed was at Senor Sassis, down the block from our hotel (Burlington) at the corner of Leeson St.
      Despite the name, it wasn't the Mexican we half expected. I don't know how to explain the cuisine, some type of fusion with both Asian and Italian influences. Very creative and very good. The bread, good in all of Ireland, was unique and delicious. The place is small but artfully decorated and soft jazz plays in the background....a very different and pleasant experience after a week of pub food! (not that there's anything wrong with that.....)
      In my xenophobic way, I remember thinking that this is a place that is good enough to suceed in New York!!

      1. We ate at Roly's Bistro in Dublin. It was very good.
        If you are in Ireland and near Adare, you will be not far from the best restaurant I and my 3 traveling companions have ever experienced (in our opinion, at least). The Mustard Seed in Balingarry. We just sent friends there and are interested to hear their opinion. The Wild Geese in Adare wasn't bad either, or Adare Manor.