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Jun 13, 2000 03:16 PM

Burma in October . . .

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Is there anything good to eat there?

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  1. Burma actually is quite a good food country, despite the rep. Just takes a little more research. Bamar cuisines is a sort of jumble of SE Asian styles. The Mon ethnic group makes some interesting curries. Check out Lonely Planet: Myanmar. The author, Joe Cummings, is quite a food freak, and if you read him closely you should do fine. Bottom line: Like all SE Asian countries, it's all about being persistent, adventurous, knowing that they love food to much to deny you the good stuff if you ask.

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      In fact Joe Cummings helped make the Four Sisters restaurant in Nyangshwe (Inle Lake) a huge hit, first giving them direct and extensive advice on how to build and run the restaurant and then giving them a fine write-up in Lonely Planet. (This I learned from one of the ever grateful sisters.) The atmosphere and food there is good, though you'll find nary a local, though you'll find nary a local, only foreigners. (They've worked an interesting scheme whereby after you've consumed the traditional set course of curried meats and leafy greens, you pay what you like, there are no set prices. I figured they do quite well by Burmese standards, as diners, not wanting to be stingy, often leave more than what might be charged for a comparable meal with posted prices.)

      My principle criticism to the Lonely Planet books (which I took and used), and in particular Joe Cumming's coverage of Burma and elsewhere in mainland Southeast Asia, was that the material was dated--other traveller's noted this as well. Even though only updated every other year, Cumming's section would still for the most part be a reprint verbatim and literatim of the previous two years, making the listed info four to five years old.

    2. So how was it? Food and otherwise.

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        My dad died so I had to reschedule my trip
        to Jan-Feb of this year. I'll be sure
        to issue a chow report when I return.

        1. re: christina z

          Sorry to hear the sad news.

          Look forward to your impressions.

          P.S. I just connected this posting with another of yours. Are you reporting again for Fodor's (or Frommer's is it?)? Or this purely a pleasure trip?