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May 26, 2000 05:41 PM

Where's Tom?-Day 5 in Portugal

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All right, I'm starting to get worried. Where's Tom and his Day 5 in Portugal report? If I have to live vicariously through him, the least he can do is take time out of his dream vacation and keep us posted!! Besides, I can't wait to see what was on the menu for today. (This wasn't just a long weekend trip, was it?)

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  1. I’ve been having an impossible time in the last day and a half holding a connection to the internet from Lisbon. I'm holding my breath that I can get this response posted before the connection crashes. (It's after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, so I'm hoping that traffic on the lines will be reduced.) Since I’ll be leaving Lisbon tomorrow morning for a one-night stay in Sintra before returning to the United States, I'm afraid that further posts regarding my trip to Portugal will have to wait until after my return to Los Angeles next Monday night. Aside from my computer woes, I’m continuing to have good times and good food.

    By the way, the real expert on Portugal is Alpha Dog. I’m just an enthusiastic novice. But thanks to all of you who have had kind words to say about my recent posts on Portugal. My reports on days 5, 6, and 7 will definitely be forthcoming, just delayed until sometime next week, probably Tuesday (the day after I return), because of the internet problems.

    A note for Jim Leff: Yesterday Meg and I ate at O Pescador in Seixal, and then drove to Evora. Alas, I couldn’t locate the shark soup in Evora, and had to “settle” for shark fillets with coriander sauce. Details to follow on my Day 5 post.

    Today, Day 6, included a visit to the justly famous Pasteis de Belem for pasteis de nata and other goodies, and a fabulous dinner at Pap' Acorda in Bairro Alto. Tomorrow, Day 7, will be spent in Sintra, and will of course include the local specialty, Queijadas de Sintra, cheese tarts spiced with cinnamon.

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      Thank god, Tom. All right, i had amagined all sorts of dire stuff... from arrest through deportation. Will try to wait patiently for next post