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May 13, 2000 07:38 PM


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This is way early, but we're planning a trip to the Dordogne in September. Anything to recommend or avoid? Thanks in advance.

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    Clement Aidone

    Yor're the "foody" interested in my review of Hotel de Crillon, Les Ambassadeurs Restaurant? Hope you do go and dine here.

    With regard to the Dordogne, get hold of Rick Steves book on this; theres plenty of other books too, One of my trips which I have on my "list". Everyone I know who has gone , loves the Castles/Bed n' Breakfasts and very quaint villages with lots of romance; dont know about the cuisine though; sure its quite good

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      I have used Rick Steve's books sometimes, and he does have some useful accomodation info.and ideas on approaching regions touristically, but I am more than a little uncomfortable with the flip way he packages up the material, telling you you can see a major city in a day or two. He also has no real feel or interest for food or art, a major drawback for cultural tourists and chowhounds. A recently noted major boner was attributing the Marcus Aurelius equestrian statue in the Campidoglio to Michelangelo.