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Apr 7, 2000 02:54 PM

florence/venice...should I be reserving now!

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We are looking for good fish, shelfish, pasta, vegetable dishes and things like truffles...which we don't see here in Massachusetts much. We are not meat eaters. We enjoy well prepared food, special places, and this is our first trip to Italy.
In Florence: I have only two weekend nights in May-- less than a month away.
Can anyone advise me on how I might even get into Cibreo (or elsewhere) on a Saturday night, perhaps in the "less expensive" section (someone said it is across the street?). What should we be thinking about for Sunday? So many of the restaurants mentioned here are closed.
In Venice, we have 6 nights so more possibilty to explore on our own, but our last night in Italy is there and it is Saturday night. I am open to suggestions. We fly home from Venice very early on Sunday. We are staying at the San Cassiano Ca' Favretto (in S. Croce, S. Stae stop) if there is a place we might enjoy getting back and forth to from there.

Should we be trying to reserve from home before we go? What about trying to get help ahead of time from the hotel. I have not tried but maybe there is some reason not to.
I understand that we can expect to find restaurants expensive by many measures but prefer places where money is not the object!

Thanks very much.

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