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Apr 4, 2000 04:25 AM

Venice - Recommendations needed

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We'll be in Venice during the coming Easter.
Having spent hours researching, the guidebooks and
online sites - I turn to Chowhounds for recommendations

1. Off the beaten-path: Small restaurants that have
excellent food without the fuss of presentation.

2. Non-Italian: We try to eat at least one meal
in a restaurant that is *not* local/native to
anchor the city/town and its food. So, we'd
appreciate recommendations (we know and read about
Gam Gam).

3. Any 24hour places ? ;-).


anil khullar

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  1. Im assuming youve read the prior posts - for Venice, italian food of other regions is foreign (i.e. l'Incontro-sardinian), and theres little enough of it-even meat is relatively uncommon in the better restaurants - we had a hard time finding meals (other than pizzas or pasta with tomato sauce) for our non-fish-eating kids. If you really need non-italian food, I believe that in addition to Gam Gam there is another mideastern place somewhere on the Strada Nuova. We unfortunately missed Zucca, in San Polo which specializes in vegetable preparations and could be worth a try for variety. Have a good trip and report back!

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    1. re: jen kalb

      ps - how would you "anchor" your experience of venetian food by going for something else, probably not done nearly as well. Best to anchor it by trying the best the local cuisine has to offer - comparing it with other italian cuisines experienced in their homeplaces, if you will. The venetian cuisine at its best is extremely simple preparations of the best freshest seafood from the lagoon, vegetables and other local ingredients, presented without pretense. If you go to any of the places previously recommended on this site, you will not not suffer from an overdose of formality or frufru.
      pps if you look at a single guide, it should be Faith Willinger's (and check her Letter from Italy on

      1. re: jen kalb
        Anil Khullar

        Yes, I took all the suggestions posted in this group in the past few months. Atleast for me, I like
        to try one-two meals which are non-local. Many years
        ago I had indian meal in Rio in Brazil which surprisingly was very good. The lady who ran the place used to be incharge of catering for the embassy/High COmmission in Rio ;-).

        Thanks for the suggestions. WIll report back.


        1. re: Anil Khullar

          forget about non-local fare in Venice. There are a few chinese restaurants which are barely decent, but it would be simply madness to get to Venice to eat THERE. If what you're after is memorable food, go and eat venetian. This is true in all of Italy: GREAT food is ONLY the region's food. You'll find good pizza in Milano, but not great, certainly not as great as south of Rome. You want chili, you better wait till you're back home. Ciao.

          P.S. Greatest places in Venice are Da Fiore and Il Covo.

          1. re: Livio Misgur

            I thought thats what I said...I hope Anil is still listening.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Yes, I'm still listening. As the day to departure
              come closer, I have accounted for 4 days worth of
              meals in restaurants.
              Will post when I return.


            2. re: Livio Misgur

              ps - Livio, its terrific to have you posting from Italy - re the availability of foreign restaurants, my teenagers could only remember a sign for one Chinese - somewhere near the Rialto- but totaly ridiculed the thought of eating there.
              Anil, if I didn't remember to say this before Anil, Venice is decisively not a 24/7 kind of place. There may be something open, somewhere, 24 hours, but don't count on it.

              1. re: Livio Misgur

                Al Covo imho, is good, not great. da fiore is indeed outstanding. not to be missed