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Feb 7, 2000 03:30 PM

CHEAP eats in Paris

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We're (Helen and I) going to Paris for 6 days shortly. It's stretching our budget as we have several other major holidays planned this year (well, now planned, we didn't plan to have them!).
So, we are looking for very inexpensive places --
sandwiches included, boulangeries for breakfast, 2 nights we'll have a microwave (timeshare) so might get something we can heat up. Staying on the Rue de Berri the first 2 nights (nr. Champs Elysee), and near the Marais (st. Paul Metro I think) the next 3, although obviously we'll be seeing all the sights.


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  1. Two inexpensive places we ate at last month were "Le Balzar" in the 5th arr., and "Chez Jenny" in the 3rd arr. The latter has very good choucroute.

    1. Since you have kitchen facilities you can dine well by shopping at a Traiteur. These are kind of like Eatzi's, with a wide variety of well-prepared foods, some to be served cold, others hot. It's more expensive than do it yourself, but you can get French food the way the French cook it, rather than the way you cook it. (Not that your cooking's bad . . .)

      My favorite breakfasts in France are fresh Croissants or Pain au Chocolat bought from a Boulangerie, eaten in a cafe at a table on the sidewalk, accompanied by huge cups of cafe au lait.