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Jan 19, 2000 06:06 PM

venice italy apartments/ restaurants/ hotels

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Search for net site in italian giving author's opinions on many venetian restaurants.Have lost address.
Also, other restau recommendations in addition to those posted here.
Also sources for rent of light , comf aptmnt 10 days in fall.
Ditto hotels- not too expensive.

Many thanks.

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  1. try for a good rental agency - very satisfactory info on the site, we had an excellent apartment and were please with the service.

    if you find an italian website with useful reviews, please post. I found nothing useful. I would be confident relying on Faith Willingers recommendations, filling in with recommendations from Cheap Eats and Fred Plotkins book - it would be hard to go too far wrong. There are a lot of articles and items recently (some mentioned on this site) about bacari in venice, if you like a pub crawl type experience. There is an italian site that maps a whole lot of these, with descriptions....

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