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Jan 4, 2000 05:55 PM

"Gastropub" in London

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So it seems that the new (or not so new) trend in restaurants in London is that of the "gastropub" -- a pub that puts a large emphasis on wonderful CHOW.
We just got back and had a fantastic meal at a gastropub called "The Enterprise" in Knightsbridge, a couple of blocks behind Harrods.
Wonderful cozy atmosphere with calming decor, very nice varied wine list, delicious appetizers, entrees and incredible desserts. Lovely waitstaff and we had charming couples on both sides of us...

I highly recommend...go check it out and tell me what you think...

The only other remarkable meal was at Le Caprice which was apparently Lady Di's favorite restaurant...well, if it was then i think it has gone WAY downhill since. Excellent food but the service left a LOT to be desired...which is a problem when you're paying close to $100/person...

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  1. The Enterprise is more a restaurant than gastropub with a tiny bar and no pub atmosphere. You should have a look at the Havelock in Kensington, The Thatched House and the Anglesea Arms in Hammersmith.
    The rise of the gastropub should challenge the formality of dining - guests enjoying great food within the informal relaxed atmosphere of a pub - with superb beers, wines, champagne and of course fresh food. I have been watching the rise carefully and there is alot to be learnt ( many are too restauranty or themed bar )