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Dec 11, 1999 09:25 AM

Paris Restaurants for Lunch

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I will be visiting Paris with my wife and 18 month old baby for the first time. We are in need of recommendations for great restaurants that offer wonderful lunches(pre-fix ok).Since we have the baby ,we will be taking our main meal at lunch. Please include location as to what sites,museums etc. they are near . Also, any brasseries,bistros,cafes in the Saint Germain area that are wonderful for light dinners. Any recommended guides would help. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    jonathan sibley

    I will try to think of some appropriate restaurants, but in the meantime, suggest you think about which type of restaurants are appropriate for an 18 month old baby (I have 2 small children, so this is something I have come up against, although not in Paris yet).

    Having lived in Paris for several years, I think you might find that Parisians are less comfortable with babies in their restaurants than they are with puppies (or other dogs). This is most likely changing, and somewhat dependent on neighborhood, but most Parisians would probably not go to most restaurants with a baby.

    If nothing else, I would consider taking turns bringing the baby outside of the restaurant if he/she wakes up during the meal and fusses at all.

    Just my opinion, but might make things more comfortable for you in the long run. I will try to think of some places, though.

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    1. re: jonathan sibley

      I agree - good luck in finding a place.
      Most Parisian restaurants tend to be jam packed and overly smoke-filled - neither are great qualities for a child-friendly restaurant.
      Maybe try le baby sitter.

      1. re: Brad
        Debbie Cole-Weber

        Frommer's Guides list family friendly restaurants. Good luck.

    2. Dining (or going to museums, for that matter) with an 18 mo old is no fun at all. I second the recommendation of finding a babysitter for afternoons - this worked fine for us in England and Italy (in London, Pinchsitters was a good agency, in Rome, we used a day care place)on a few occasions. If your hotel can't arrange something, there are guides with references to agencies. My memories of meals taken (but not enjoyed) with my young kids on those trips is something I would like to block out. Make sure you have bottles for the kid to suck taking off and landing! Good luck!

      1. Tyr the website. Something may be of interest there.