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Oct 28, 1999 11:03 AM

Lucas Carton-Paris

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Hi! My boyfriend and I are planning on going to Paris In December. We have dinner reservations at Lucas Carton. If anyone has been there before, please tell me about your experience. Feel free to recommend any other restaurant that has excelleent food and ambiance. Thanks!


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  1. Have never been to L. Carton myself, it has a stellar reputation (3* Mich- for what its worth) - and it looks beautiful (I have taken a peek inside) - but I have heard some mixed things about the place (too touristy, food not up to par, etc...).

    IF price is NO object (this is a big IF), my favorite has been A. Ducasse, probably the best overall meal/dining experience I have ever had, anywhere (the setting, the service, the atmosphere, the wine, the FOOD!). Taillevent was also great, but I felt that the whole place was filled with Americans (maybe the only ones who could afford it!). I also happen to love Arpege, although I know some who do not agree (try the un-chic downstairs room - a spectacular limestone vault). Have also had a wonderful meal at le Violon d'Ingres (2* and a lot less pricey).

    Picking between these restaurants is like picking Latour or Lafite - you can't go wrong.
    (I've also been to many less pricey/romantic places if you are interested - and will be in Paris in a few weeks to try some more!) Also, the Wine Spectator reviewed all of these places last year - I thinks its on their website.

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      Lucas Carton has a beautiful art nouveau decor. I think Alain Senderens still cooks there, and I went there many years ago, and don't remember what I had.
      I only remember the rosey finger bowls.

      But Taillevent is great. The last time I was there, they had a poached poulet de Bresse with stuffed truffles under the skin and the marquise de chocolat with pistachio sauce was very nice. The service is probably the best in the world. My brother ordered an orange juice and when the pulp rose to the top, a waiter came by to stir the glass.

      They tend to seat the French is the left side of the room, and the foreigners in the right side, but who cares.

      --- Cristina.

    2. Rachel - I just returned from Paris this week, and one of my "blow-out" meals was at Lucas Carton. It was an awesome experience. We opted for the 5-course(?) tasting menu, with consisted of black truffles in some manner, shape, or form in each course. I can still taste the risotto with pieces of black truffles throughout it, as well as slices of it on top of it.

      I'd be interested to hear your experience there last month. And, did you eat anywhere else worth mentioning, too?