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Sep 11, 1999 01:02 AM

San Miguel Allende

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Hi there,

Ellen and I are thinking of going to Mexico for our
Christmas vacation. Have any of you been to San Miguel
Allende? Any recommendations pro or con?


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  1. Mexico is great in general, and San Miguel Allende is
    in particular. It's small and pretty, a great place
    for walking around and low-key sightseeing and
    relaxing. And as I recall, the food was quite good as
    well (I don't have any specific recommendations though
    -- it's been a while since I was there). There's a
    noticeable American presence there, since there are a
    fair number of U.S. retirees and people who go down
    for the winter months. And, of course, there are a lot
    of tourists. So there's an English-language bookstore,
    for example (or was when I was there, anyway.) And the
    restaurants are a little more cosmopolitan than you
    might find elsewhere in Mexico. Whether this is a pro
    or a con is up to you.
    Two things: If you have time, I'd recommend a trip to
    Guanajuato. It's really nearby, and it's a beautiful
    old European-ish city. Also, I'm sure you've heard
    this elsewhere, but if you go through Mexico City,
    keep in mind that one has to be careful there these

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    1. re: Chris E.

      A footnote about safety in Mexico City: Before going
      to Guatemala (see my other posting) I spent three and
      a half GREAT days in Mexico City. This was my second
      trip. I love it!

      Just make certain you have a reputable hotel or
      restaurant call you a cab. Do as you would in New
      York -- don't walk where it is dimly lit and ask about
      the area before walking around. The Zona Rosa ("pink
      zone" -- not what you might guess) is a lively
      international area with great night clubs, bistros,
      restaurants,and shops. I loved Restaurant Focolare --
      my second time eating there (I hope I spelled that

      I discovered a great little Taco place (don't an
      imageg of Taco Bell here folks, puleeeez) called El
      Fogocintos (again, I need to find the matches to spell
      it right). Real Mexican tacos, beer, and more.

      Mexico City (or DF as locals call it) can be a
      delight. I am meeting with friends from DF here in my
      hometown tonight!

      One more thing, the Hotel Bristolat Plaza Necaxa No.
      17 is clean and European in type and about half the
      price of the big US chains. Importantly, you can hire
      a driver there to take you to the pyramids or
      sightseeing for about 2/3 the price of what I found at
      another larger hotel.

      1. re: Chris E.

        It sounds like a great place to relax. Do you remember
        where you stayed when you went? Also, can you recommend
        any guide books for the area?


        1. re: Jeremy

          We stayed at a place called Posada de las Monjas, a
          nice spot located in an old monastery. Like most
          places in S.M., it was quite reasonable, though not on
          the level of the bargains you might find elsewhere in
          Mexico. For other options, check out the Lonely Planet
          By the way, my caveat aside, I second the endorsement
          of Mexico City. I expected a big, ugly, drab city when
          I first went, and was caught offguard by its charm and
          beauty. Plus, chowhounding opportunities abound there
          -- see the Alpha Hound's account of his whirlwind chow

          1. re: Chris E.

            "see the Alpha Hound's account of his whirlwind chow

   the link below!