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Aug 27, 1999 02:37 PM

Sushi In Singapore's Airport

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Just back from a month in Indonesia where,
unfortunately, I did not eat well. However,
I finally passed through Singapore Airport when
their conveyer belt sushi bar was in full swing and
I chowed down on baby octopus and jellyfish. It
was really top notch and I highly recommend the place
to anyone lucky enough to be in that part of the world.

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  1. Christina: I'm dying to know why you "didn't eat
    well". Did you spend time in Singapore, other than the
    airport? Where did you visit? Tell all, once you've
    recovered from your trip. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond

      Didn't spend time in Singapore but I'm planning to
      take a long weekend there sometime during the winter.
      Part of the plan is to do a thorough sampling of
      all the fine food Singapore is rightly famous for.
      About not eating in Indonesia . . . I was trekking
      a lot in the wilds of Irian Jaya (New Guinea) which
      is an extremely uncivilized corner of the world.
      I also spent time in the jungles of Borneo and on
      and around the Island of Komodo (famous for its
      ferocious dragons) usually traveling on boats. I was
      in such remote places that food was not plentiful, let
      alone gourmet. The only foodstuff there was a lot of
      was rice -- plain, processed, white rice. Noodles were
      also available and sometimes potatoes but both were
      always deep fried and so greasy I couldn't eat them.
      Also, temperatures were always at least 90 degrees with
      about 90% humidity -- not appetite inducing. On Java
      I had one really fine fish and vegetable meal at a
      local restaurant that serves in the traditional Muslim
      way (the country is predominantly Muslim) with no
      utensils. Part of that meal was a kick-ass spicy
      tamarin soup (yes, they did supply a spoon)for which I
      wish I had a recipe. That was a rare and memorable
      meal indeed. On the island of Bali I had another good
      meal which included fish steamed in banana leaves.
      But that's two good meals in an entire month so it
      doesn't amount to much. Anyhow, when I got off the
      plane in Singapore airport on the way home and was
      immediately confronted with that conveyer belt of sushi
      I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

      1. re: christina z

        Now I understand. And what a fabulous adventure you must have had. Thanks for the post. pat

    2. Whenever I go back to Singapore, I never had the
      opportunity to try any of the food stalls at Changi
      Airport -- my flight out always leaves about 6 AM.
      I do know that plenty of the local people do go out
      there to the airport for the food.