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Aug 22, 1999 06:42 PM


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I need some suggestions for a couple of friends who
will be spending extensive time in France. Their home
base will be Brittany and they are interested in
restaurants specializing in seafood,(oysters, but
don't they all?),lamb, and other specialties to that
region. Anybody?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Youpala in St. Brieuc had the most wonderfully inventive food - fixed menu only. Well worth the trip. Surcouf in Concale for oysters. Coude a Coude for simple but excellent food in St. Malo (the beurre blanc sauce for the St. Pierre fish dish had a little lemongrass in it which was distinctive). Artisanal crepes everywhere with cidre (as mentioned before....we liked Kern brut. Did a house exchange with four women and the husbands who remained in France recommended Kern as their favorite).