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Aug 21, 1999 05:39 PM

Baden-Baden & Alsace

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We are taking a trip shortly to Baden Baden then thru
Alsace. Any good suggestions of great places to stay
and eat. Mnay Thanks!

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  1. Just came back from Alsace-- recomend staying in
    colmar,Strasbourg, Rickquir(mis-spelled) Depends on
    if you want more action or quiet-- You can e-mail me
    and I can be more specific on restaurants and hotels--
    I spent 8 days in Alsace this summer.

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    1. re: Lou

      Now why wouldn't you share that all with us here? I'm
      sure lots of us are very interested.

      1. re: Lou

        We would appreciate your suggestions on restaurants and
        lodgings. We are interested in the exact area you
        many thanks,