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Aug 18, 1999 06:09 PM

Even more Stockholm...

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My third trip to Sweden was cut short, and only a few
days in Stockholm this time. But I must reccomend
Sturehof, located at the Stureplan. Pretty reasonable
prices, excellent food. I had a halibut ceviche and
main course of fried salt brisket. The fish was
really fresh and sweet-tasting. It went deliciously
with the bed of greens and Belgian Endive. I am not
exaclty sure what made the brisket salt or fried, but
it was delectable. It was somewhat corned-beefy, and
I ate every bit - This is significant, as I usually
trim the fat off of any piece of beef that sits on my
plate. Everything went down the hatch. There were
some seared green onions and a handful of roasted new
potatoes and carrots to complement the meat, also very
tasty. We had the house red wine, which was pretty
good... One of my fellow diners ended up with exactly
the combination I had, as his first choices had sold
out that night. The other had a veal carpaccio and
seafood stew, both of which he reported to be
excellent. I think we each paid 400 kr, including a
10% (solid for Sweden) tip - about 50 bucks each. I
was stuffed, so I can't report on dessert, but the ice
cream looked delicious.

I also ate at a Thai place in Stockholm called
Sawadee, which was nothing special, and somewhat
expensive. I was up for a change from my relatively
continuous solid Swedish meals, but there must be a
better alternative.

I am not sure if I ever reported on my return trip to
Halv Trappa und Gard (or something along those lines) -
It was not as good the second time. Partly this was a
difficulty in getting the menu translated - The food
is pretty nouveau-ish, and some of the flavors were
really surprising. We typically heard about two, but
not the third "interesting" ingredient in our main
courses. Dessert was really good, however, and the
problem with the food was not quality, mostly
unexpected combinations. More careful attention to
the waiter's reccomendations, or a swedish speaker in
the party might have helped.

Mike Zurer

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  1. Next time you vivit Stockholm, try one of these places for good food!

    Paus, on Rorstrandsgatan ( subway to St. Eriksplan). Great food and atmosphere. This part of Stockholm has become very trendy recently, and many good restaurants are found here. On the other side of the street is a nice place callad West, if you feel like samplng something less Swedish. They every night serve a buffet for 119 Swedish kronor, and the food is really good. Both entrees, mains and desserts are very fresh, full of flavour and it is healthy without being boring. A place I recommend. One of the trendiest restaurants in Stockholm right now is called "Storstad". I donĀ“t have the exact adress, and I have never actually eaten there either (yet), but it is said to be good!
    If you have questions about where to eat in Stockholm, you can mail me: