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Aug 15, 1999 06:21 PM

Truffle Festival

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Does anyone have good lodging tips for the truffle
festival in Alba, Italy?

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    Peter Palmieri

    We stayed at the hotel Il Castelli in Alba last
    November. It is a new hotel that is quite comfortable
    and a very easy walk to the center of town where the
    Truffle Festival will take place. There is no end to
    the excellent restaurants in the area. Il Vicoletta is
    excellent as is the trattoria, La Libera, in Alba. A
    must is Dei Cacciatori in Albaretto della Torre but
    reservations must be made well in advance. Another
    upscale restaurant is the highly acclaimed Da Guido in
    Costiglione d'Asti and reservations there too must be
    made well in advance.

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    1. re: Peter Palmieri

      How long did you stay in Alba? Should we stay there
      for the whole 8 days of our vacation and rent a car for
      road trips, or just stay for a few nights?

      1. re: neumeier

        My friend and I want to go to the truffle festival this year, we want to know the best time to go!

        1. re: karen

          The truffle fair is held every Saturday during the month of October in Alba which is in the Region of Piemonte, Italy. Now is not too early to get room reservations. We liked the hotel Il Castelli in Alba. The food in this Region of Italy is outstanding. Restaurant reservations in the top places should be made very, very early as Alba draws large crowds for the festivities.