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Aug 11, 1999 11:47 AM

restaurants in Istanbul, Nauplia and Athens

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My wife and I will be visiting captioned cities with
friends next month. Can anyone recommend high quality
restaurants in any or all of the above? You help will
be appreciated.

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  1. My experiences in all three places are too far back to be useful (though if O Platanos, with its spreading plane tree, is still there in the Plaka you might check it out -- a delightful place for an outdoor meal), but I sure hope Nafplio (as they call it when not writing maps) has acquired better eateries in the intervening years. In Argos I had the best spaghetti carbonara of my life, but there's no other reason to visit the place.

    Unless Istanbul has gone badly downhill since I was there in '91, you'd have to work hard to eat poorly. Any little hole-in-the-wall we stopped into had fantastic vegetable-and-meat stews and other bits of the amazing Ottoman cuisine, so much richer than is generally realized here. And the baklava! Enjoy.

    1. Steve: Thanks for your reply. Your comments re
      Istanbul were encouraging.