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Aug 6, 1999 01:19 PM


  • k

We're contemplating a trip to Bermuda in a month or
so. Can one eat well there??

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    Yes, it is easy to eat well in Bermuda. I haven't
    been back in a few years, however, I have family that
    has. Not only is there a somewhat new four or five
    star restaurant in one of the smaller hotels, perhaps
    Elbow Beach or Pink Beach...I bet another chowhound
    will jump in with the answer. It is apparently an
    offshoot or a second location of another great
    restaurant. Also, Once Upon a Table is a lovely
    romantic restaurant with wonderful food and ambiance.
    Lastly, The Lobster Pot or The Crab Pot ( I forget
    which name it is) for fish.

    Enjoy!!! It is one of my favorite vacation

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    1. re: Michele Fuchs

      Thanks for your advice, Michele. We ended up staying
      at the Reefs and going for their meal plan, and took
      advantage not only of their two terrific restaurants
      but also the "dine-around" option at Stonington and
      Pompano (neither Elbow or Pink were on the list).
      Because we'd prepaid the meals we didn't venture to
      outside restaurants, but the hotel food really was
      delicious (yellowfin tuna with a lovely crust,
      heavenly "mocha brulee" dessert, some wonderful Asian-
      style crab-avocado-rice thing... mmm!), and we had a
      great time. Pricey, but a much-needed break from NY.