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Aug 4, 1999 09:44 AM

London query

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My son just back from London is raving about a
restaurant called the Birdcage. Small, 20 or so
tables, in the central part of the city. Has anyone
out there been there? pat

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  1. Dear Pat,

    Although I've never been to the Birdcage, I've read
    several good reviews and having walked past it many
    times it looks fantastic, like an opulent, minature
    Alladin's cave. Most of the reviews have mentioned the
    fact that it's not cheap, but if you're planning a

    I'm sure that the restaurant review section of the site will have a review,
    although it seems to be down at the moment.


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    1. re: Ellen

      Thanks very much Ellen. One of my collegues is going
      to London in two weeks and I'll recommend the Birdcage
      to her. It sounds delightful. p.