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Jul 20, 1999 04:33 PM

Vegetarian in Iceland

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Did see posting about fish suggestions in Iceland but I
myself am a vegetarian. Having read the Lonely Planet`s
description (link below) of putrified shark meat and
pickled ram`s testicles, I`m praying somebody can
recommend local cheeses or breads I might live on for
five days. Even better would be actual restaurants in
or around Reykjavik. Surely somebody`s offering stuffed


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  1. I spent 4 days in Reykjavik (sp?) in March and, while I
    read and was fascinated by the same Lonely Planet guide
    passage you were, I neither sought nor found anything
    anywhere about putrefied shark or other goodies of that
    ilk. Lonely Planet also recommends 2 good vegetarian
    restaurants in downtown Reyk. Many, many places have
    buffet meals and there is always decent cheese and many
    different types of wonderful whole-grain breads, so any
    vegetarian should do just fine. I found lots of cream
    soups - utilitarian, but good enough. They have lots
    of yogurt-like substances, all of which bear trying -
    try skye - it's creamy, light, wonderful with fruit.
    If you eat fish, you will have no problem at all, even
    some of the buffets have marinated/smoked/baked salmon
    and other fish available. And there's always the
    supermarket, which, since food prices there are so
    high, it might pay to do once or twice no matter what
    kind of cuisine you like. If you have any more
    questions, please ask. Bon voyage.