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Jul 8, 1999 03:30 PM

Cooking schools in Tuscany

  • j

I'm interested in taking a week-long cooking course in Tuscany the end of August/beginning of September. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Go to

    for a list of's the page
    of a woman who writes a guide to
    Italian cooking schools...another
    site is

    which is the site of La Cucina Al
    Focolare, a cooking school outside
    of Florence.

    I have some info about villa
    rentals on my site,

    There are lots of Italian web sites,
    so a search for "Tuscan cooking
    classes" will probably find you a
    lot more possibilities.

    Jim Dixon

    PS if you go in late October, you'll
    catch the start of the olive harvest
    and can bring home some peppery
    Tuscan oil.