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Jun 25, 1999 11:53 AM


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what's wonderful and/or interesting in Amsterdam?

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  1. My favorite place there was Sukasari. It is an
    Indonesian restaurant on Damstraat, right downtown, and
    serves Indonesian rather than Chinese-Indonesian food
    as do most other places in town. The food is delicate
    full flavored and fragrant. Some of the best sates I
    have ever had, amongst almost everything else. They
    close very early, around 8. Be sure to go to the
    regular restaurant -- there is a nother Sukasar a few
    doors down which serves a buffet that they zap to heat
    up -- not nearly as good. I haven't been back since
    1983, but I know people who have been there more
    recently and the reports are still good.

    If you search the "The Best" boards for best chicken
    sate, you'll see some related discussion. Jim
    mentioned some other plces in Amsterdam there.

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    1. re: Alan Divack

      Thanks very much, Alan. My globe trotting son will be
      there in mid-July. pat

    2. I am an artist, involved in a film project, paying a visit to Amsterdam to look for my double. If you live there and fit the profile, get in touch!


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      1. re: sarah

        Nope, I don't live there. Sorry. Your request was innocuous enough, but this site is really about food, "For those who live to eat". pat.