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Jun 10, 1999 05:43 AM

canoeing down Tiber river ITALY

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A friend and I are hoping to canoe down the river
Tiber, into Rome. We have a few basic questions and
would be really greatful if anyone can help in any
small way:

How high up-stream is the river navigable? We
considered starting in Perugia.

How clean/dirty is the water? We understand that the
sewars empty directly into it in Rome for example.

Does anyone know of any canoe hire companies in the
area, or particularly in Perugia?

Do you think what we are planning is a good idea?

Thanks very much.

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  1. if you haven't seen it already, this website deals
    with "Canadian canoeing" in Italy:

    It lists a camping and watersports gear purveyor in
    Perugia with its own site, and mentions the Tiber,
    which, even at rome, is a fairly small river. I
    remember being surprised that swimming across it was
    such a big deal in classical times. have fun!