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Apr 21, 1999 02:58 PM

More Stockholm...

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Couple more experiences... After walking around in
the "Old Town," I settled on Bistro Ruby for dinner.
Started with some very tasty and murky olive oil on
nice plain bread, and ordered some ceviche to start.
Delicious chunks of salmon and tender bay scallops
with onions, tomatoes, and avocado chunks. It payed
to avoid the onion chunks, which were not very
mellowed by the marinade, and could overwhelm the
flavor of the seafood. Then on to Beef Stryburg (I
think this was the appellation) - Upscale version of
pyttipanna with cubed sirloin, mixed up with diced and
fried potato and onions, an egg yolk, and a
horseradish aoili... Very nice couple of glasses of
house red, and a sufficient, but not out of this world
creme brulee. As was the case in most of the places I
visited, this was relatively, but not outrageously,
pricey - ~$24 for the entree, which was the most
expensive one on the menu.

The next night I was dying to eat small and simple,
and was served well at The Lab, a little place next
door to Spy Bar, where I'm told the rock stars hang
out when they come to Sweden. Basic pasta (I had
tortellini with pesto) and smorgasbaard style menu of
italian-style primi's... Insalata caprese and others
in small, medium, and large portions. Cheap, fast,
tasty. Beer remains expensive even in the small
places like this one, however.

-Mike Zurer

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