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Feb 23, 1999 08:43 PM

Tuscany and Lonbardy in May

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I'd welcome suggestions for food and wine in and around Siena, Lucca and at Mennagio-Como . My wife and I will be in those areas the last two weeks of May.

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  1. osteria le logge 0577 48013 siena, da leo fax 05831 405321 lucca

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      Peter C. Palmieri

      A visit to Montalcino while you are in Siena is highly
      recommended. In Montalcino, Poggio Antico is a
      terrific restaurant located at the winery of the same
      name. The wines are outstanding as is the location. I
      also like the trattoria, Da Leo Fratelli Buralli, and
      the restaurant, La Buca di Sant'Antonio, in Lucca.