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Jan 25, 1999 04:32 PM

Berlin and London

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Please post any great finds--cheap, yummy and any
ethnic group (would love Turkish in Berlin) in either
Berlin or London

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  1. Rebecca:

    I found the Time Out guidebook to Berlin to be highly reliable -- rarely, if ever, has it steered me wrong. For Turkish food there, I'd recommend "Hitit" in Charlottenburg. Not exactly "cheap" but I suspect you'd like it.


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    1. re: John Speer

      I think that the most interesting food related place
      in Berlin (and one of the best in the whole of Europe)
      is the "feinshmecker etage" (gourmet floor) of the
      KaDeWe department store on the Kurfurstendam. The
      entire top floor of this store (the largest in Europe)
      is devoted to gourmet foods and is surely the finest
      food store I have ever seen. Each type of food, (i.e.
      fish, meat, sausages, beer, wine, etc., has its own
      little section. The best part of this place is that
      each of these many sections has a chef who prepares
      dishes in an open kitchen according to what is
      available in his section that day, as well as several
      place settings. I rarely ate anywhere else while in
      This place is so special, that I would say that
      anybody really interested in food should make at least
      one pilgramage to this place in his or her lifetime.
      A visit to KaDeWe alone, is well worth the trip to

      1. re: Rob

        I was going to post re: KaDeWe but you beat me to it! Highly recommended!!