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Nov 16, 1998 12:31 AM

Polish food in Australia

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Hi, my name is Mike Brown and I am doing a home
ecomomics assignment and can't find any information for
the following questions

(a)How has this cultural group(Poland) influenced our
eating habits in each of the following ways;

(i)the way we eat - give three examples
(ii)the way we prepare our food, eg, stir-fry,
steaming, frying.

(b) Identify and describe one of their culural

(c) What kind of food is common to eat.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Brown

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  1. Hi Mike!

    In regard to your first question, I would like to make
    this comment. Generally, the Poles like to eat a big
    lunch/dinner in the afternoon ie between 2-5pm. In
    the later part of the evening, there is a light
    supper. When you think about it logically, it makes
    sense. It is best not to eat a huge meal and then go
    to bed, like most of us do. (This is a good way to
    put on weight) Of course, when you are working full
    time in Poland, it isn't always possible to eat
    between 2-5pm. Nevertheless, on weekends this almost
    always what happens. The Poles are also very
    gregarious peolple. Subsequently, they take the
    opportunity to invite friends and family for the
    afternoon and make an occasion of it....especially
    when the vodka comes out!!! Here in Australia, we do
    the same although we have a much smaller family.