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Oct 21, 1998 01:25 PM

London eats

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I'll be in London, UK in December. Will be staying in
Bloomsbury. Any suggestions for restaurants in the

Also, can you suggest any good London-related Web

Thanks in advance.

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  1. good cheap indians (many vegetarian up toward Euston Sta nr Tottenham court Road. check current recommendations. Couple big groceries nr the Russell Sq. underground have good hot loaves of french bread, prepared foods, cheese, fruit and other picnic items of good quality, and there are some cheapish ethnic eateries north and a block or two east of there. Bloomsbury in my experience (most recently 2 yrs ago) been an pretty uninteresting restaurant scene, on the whole, though there are some comfy pubs s. of the British Museum. Timeout London has a good, comprehensive print guide to London restaurants, its website has a lot of stuff but not their full selection. U of London has a site with some links (maps etc) in the nabe.

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      Hi Tom,
      Last yr we stayed in Bloomsbury too. I agree with jen
      that there wasn't much to choose from. There's a
      popular place with tourists called The Museum Cafe (the
      owners are American, I think) just south of the British
      Museum. We went for dinner one night. Decent, but
      nothing great. Pre-fixe, reasonably priced (approx. $30
      for 3 courses), fresh food, just not very
      interesting...dull bread, etc. If you just wanted a
      nearby meal it would do the trick. They serve lunch

      If you walk 10 min further, say to SoHo or around
      Covent Garden, you should do much better. Be sure to
      stop at Neal Dairy Yard for cheese if you hit the
      Covent Garden. Click on the link below for my earlier
      post on a good seafood place in CG, Livebait.



      1. re: jen kalb

        The street with the vegetarian Indian places near
        Euston is Drummond St. and is just on the west side of
        the station. London dosn't have great pubs, IMHO, but
        one of the things I miss is "real ale". Go to a
        bookstore in the UK and look for the annual "Good Beer
        Guide" published by CAMRA if you want to find the real
        stuff. Caution: there is a "Good Pub Guide", more
        oriented towards ambiance, etc. Expensive trendy
        resturants were all the rage last time I was in London;
        check local listings.

        Joe Moryl

        1. re: jen kalb

          Check out, its the most comprehensive guide on the net.

        2. For superbly handled real ale and good food, try the White Horse on Parsons Green, 1-3 Parsons Green, Tel. 0171 736-2115. It's close to the Parsons Green tube stop.