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Sep 28, 1998 05:31 PM

Catania, Sicily

  • j

We'll be spending a week just
south of Catania on the east coast of
Sicily in early December. Any food
recommendations (more
chowhound than fine dining


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  1. p
    Peter Palmieri

    I use several Italian Guide Books to prepare for my
    trips to Italy and found these to be quite reliable.
    They are in Italian but armed with my Ital-Amer
    Dictionary I stuggle through the write-ups. In Catania:
    Antica Marina; Cantine del Cugno Mezzano; La
    Siciliana; and Pagano. South of Catania in Augusta I
    would try Donna Ina. In Siracusa Arlecchino looks like
    a good bet and La Frateria is the best pizzeria in the
    city. Many years ago I ate at Darsena da Januzzo which
    is located on the port. No doubt you will be driving
    down to Noto. There I would go to Trattoria del
    Carmine. I have never had anything but terrific food
    in Sicily. Most restaurants are small and not at all
    expensive. Get ready to eat great fish along with
    excellent fruits and vegetables.