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Aug 2, 1998 03:11 AM

London for 4 days, Edinburgh for 3....any suggestions?

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I'll be in London and Scotland for a few days at the
end of August, beginning of September. Too many London
restaurants to choose from...can anyone recommend some
top FOOD places, maybe something other than Indian?
(I'll be staying near Greenpark). I have no idea where
there is good food in Edinburgh so any suggestions
would be welcome!


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  1. Just returned from 9 days in Scotland and 5 in Dublin.
    Had some great food (surprisingly good). Edinburgh was
    the most beautiful city but very, very crowded. Be
    prepared and you may not be as put off by it. We had
    two lovely meals in Edinburgh and the restaurants were
    right next door to each other. One was Creelers. It's
    in Hunter Square right off the main tourist street
    called the Royal Mile. It's great, very fresh fish. If
    you can, have one of the smoked fish spreads that they
    make themselves. Truly memorable. Eat in the bistro
    in the front of the restaurant and you eat for half the
    price of the main restaurant (with white tablecloths)
    in the back. Right next door is a very nice vegetarian
    restaurant called Bann's. Food was very good indeed.

    Best places in Scotland are far off the beaten track.
    We had wonderful food on the western coast--on the road
    to Skye. If you have time to go there then you can
    escape the crowds.

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      I was in London last December and stayed mostly with
      the cheaper ethnic places (like Indian), as the prices
      at top places were much higher than New York. I can
      recommend Oxo Tower, which is that rare place where the
      food matches the great view of London skyline across
      the Thames. Sit on the less expensive, more casual cafe
      side. Reservations are essential (ask for the cafe),
      it's a hot place.