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Jun 2, 1998 05:45 PM

Marseilles, France

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Can anyone recommend a good local Marseilleise
place for bouillabase and other regional dishes
which does not charge Michelin prices? Hope to
report back, as I'll be visiting a nearby port
Allan Evans

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  1. Le Sanglier, on the east side of the old port. Great
    food and not very expensive.

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    1. re: mary

      Thanks Mary. I was searching out a
      bouillabaiserie recommended by a 93 year old
      native (widow of great violinist Francescatti)
      when I stumbled upon the narrow streets of arab
      spice shops and couscous parlors. On the avenue
      which leads to the old port was a fine Algerian
      grill with authentic (but not awesome) couscous.
      I had to go in and eat, not unlike a devout
      believer obeying the hazan of the meuzzin. Lots
      of street waifs wandered in to annoy the
      proprieter and cadge bits of grilled meats. There
      was a highly recommended place from Oran, the
      Reine, by the Cathedral, which was closed: the
      owner of a superb spice shop recommended it.
      Perhaps a return trip will allow more