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Apr 15, 1998 05:27 PM

Alsace/Lorraine, France

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I will be spending about 5 days split between Alsace
and Lorraine and am looking for restaurant
recommendations there.


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  1. Hi!
    One of the best rest. in the world (really!!!)is in
    Alsace-L. Its called Auberge D'Lill. In the heart of
    the wine road area. In a valley with hills of wine
    road in the distance. They have their own hotel
    adjacent but a nicer,quiet hotl up the road.Small
    little village restaurant is located is called
    Illhauseren(not spelled just right). This stop is a
    Then cross valley,up the mountains and enjoy the wine
    road. Stop and try wine and especially Eau De Vie(great
    fruit liquors)

    Good luck! You'll really find this Mich. three star
    and setting a memorable stop.


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    1. re: steve

      > Auberge D'Lill

      How much was this Mich 3 star? I've only eaten at two
      one-stars; or at least they deserved a star. (we
      patrons should get patches to collect like the girl
      scout sash. For our apron instead?!)

      One was THE best meal *I* have ever had:
      in Amboise, Loire Valley region. Called Le Relais. That
      was about 5 yrs ago. Don't know how it is now.
      Reasonablely priced, like a NY lux restaurant.

      The other was in Aix-en-Provence. Voilet de Clos
      (something like that). Wonderful, but not phenom.

      Both were tips from Patricia Wells Food Lovers Guide to
      France. That road trip with her book was one of my most
      memorable dining adventures. My sister, brother and I
      left our Dad in Paris (he doesn't like to travel by
      car). When we picked him up a week later he asked us
      about the food and we hated to tell him how good it was
      cause we knew it would break his heart for missing it.

      Anyone else do a road trip with the Patricia Wells

      Know of any recent similar books covering France or
      another country? (not yours, Alpha Dog! We all know
      about that one and have our pre-orders in!)


      1. re: Janet Traub
        Natalie Miller

        Not recent books I'm afraid, but you might find them

        Sotheby's Publications, London ISBN 0 85667 183 5
        We've found many beautiful bottles of wine using this
        book buying "au vigneron".

        A Taste of Alsace by Sue Style ISBN 1 85145 398 9
        Pavillion Books, London This lists not only
        restaurants, but also shops.
        Natalie Miller

        1. re: Natalie Miller
          Natalie Miller

          Sorry, managed to loose the title of first book "Alsace
          Wines by Pamela Vandyke Price

        2. re: Janet Traub
          Catherine Ehly

          Sorry for using this site - but if anyone knows of the
          Ely family roots from Alsace-Lorriane, France please
          contact me at my e-mail. I was informed that the "h"
          in Ehly was added when the Ely brothers from Alsace-
          Lorraine came to America so the family could keep
          track of them here in America amoung all the other
          Ely's. Anyone hwo can shed any light on this
          information please contact me. Thank you

        3. re: steve

          do you remember the name of the hotel near the restaurant that wasn't as expensive as the hotel of the restaurant.