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Jan 16, 1998 10:48 AM

bistro, cafe type place on the Left Bank of Paris

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Going to Paris the second week of March. The air fare
is right and so is the hotel rate. Now I just need to
be able to afford to eat. I'll be in the 6th
arrondisement at Metro Odeon (or thereabouts) but will
definitely venture into other areas. Does any one know
of solid, maybe "working class" sorts of place for
a French meal? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pat -- this is not a "working class" sort of place,
    but I had a great meal there and it does not break the
    bank. I highly recommend it.

    It's called Le Bistro de l'Olivier. Address is
    13 rue Quentin Bauchart (between Ave. George V and
    Ave. Marceau) Ph: 01 47 20 17 00 . Nearest Metro
    stop is George V .

    I know it's on the Right Bank but it's worth the trip.
    It is not a large place, so call ahead to make
    reservations. They have a 3-course 190 FF menu. Wine
    and coffee not included, of course. This works out to
    around $32, and the quality is phenomenal. If the
    place is busy and full, be prepared to wait a little
    for your food. He cooks everything to order and takes
    no shortcuts. The food is elegant but hearty

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    1. re: Gary Cheong

      The greatest (size) bistro and for many the most exciting bistro is by far LA COUPOLE on the Boulevard
      Montparnasse. Go late in the evening (but reserve)like
      10 p.m. and see the interesting Parisians come out of their holes. Reasonable prices for good food. Living in Paris I go there about five times per year.

    2. s
      Steve Plotnicki

      I can recommend the following within walking distance
      of Odeon and are all reasonably priced;

      Brasserie Balzar-rue des Ecoles
      La Cafetierre-rue Mazarine
      Polydor-can't remember but right off Place Odeon
      Aux Charpentiers-rue Mabillon
      Les Booknistes- Quai d'Augustin (if you want to splurge
      a bit)

      A slight hike (25 minute walk) into the 7th gets you to
      a good cluster of restaurants which specialize in
      Southwestern cuisine. A bit pricier but worth it in my

      Thomieux- rue St. Dominique
      Chez l'Ami Jean-rue Malar (Basque and a personal
      Les Fontaine des Mars-rue St. Dominique
      d'Chez Eux-avenue Lowendale, a luxury bistro serving
      mountains of food.

      If you need more info, email me.

      1. Any thoughts on Michelin-starred restaurants (e.g.
        Taillevent, Lucas-Carton, Ledoyen, L'Elysee du Vernet
        or Le Grand Vefour?

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        1. re: Don Byer

          Are you asking me??? I never got there. I ended up
          going to NY and having a wonderful culinary time, even
          without stars. But now I'm embarrassed because in the
          fun of planning the New York trip, I completely forgot
          about the Paris query. More embarrassing still, I
          didn't thank Gary Cheong and Steve Plotnicki for
          replies. A very, very tardy thank you. I have made
          note of your recommendations. I'll get there yet. pat

        2. can someone tell me the currency of paris or the what
          the name of the money they used thank you.