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Sep 24, 1997 02:21 PM

cheap pasta & pizza in rome

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IVO's in Rome is very quick, good and inexpensive pasta
and pizza. The service is rapid and on the verge of
being hyper-active--the staff wears soccer jerseys and
there are pictures of italian soccer teams all over the
walls. very casual and in the heart of trastevere.
they also have good bruschetta made with GREEN
tomatoes--salty and with a firm texture to the

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  1. For those who can eat pizza standing up, try the
    Panificio in Campo di Fiori, where they slice it
    as you wish, it is hot from the oven and uses a
    superior flour. Also, amazing take-out on Via
    della Scrofa, near that pathetic Alfredo's
    (famous for Fettucine) which has the best buffalo
    mozzarella available in Rome.