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Jun 10, 2006 10:21 AM

Helena, Missoula, and Bozeman Montana

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I will be visiting Helena, Missoula, and Bozeman Montana for a week next month. I am looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner. Any cuisine...all price ranges. It is my first visit to Montana so your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Joan, I know you've had a hard time getting responses to your requests. Same thing happened to me last year before our trip, so I just started googling around "Montana". I found this site about Big Sky (Montana) bloggers--maybe try contacting some of them for more specifics about dining. Plus you'll learn a bit about Montana. (consider the fact that for that huge state, there's only one area code. For all telephones, faxes, computers, etc. Not a lot of folks up there!)

    I posted about our experiences but they were all in western Montana. (none in Missoula)

    Good luck!



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      Thanks...I appreciate your help. I will post when I return.

    2. You may also want to try the Pacific Northwest board, as I have sometimes seen reviews of Montana restaurants posted there.

      1. The Depot in Missoula is a favorite of ours! Great steaks and local trout. I am sure local beef! Nice dining experience.

        1. Be sure to drive over to Livingston from Bozeman (20 minute drive) for dinner at Russell Chatham's place. Ask anyone where it is...amazing food, and Russell is known to work the door sometimes! Also in Livingston, there's a hotel that has a new restaurant on the bottom floor...I'm blanking, but it's great!

          1. I do not have my travel notes or my guidebooks with me. However, there is an EXCELLENT old-fashioned soda fountain located in the downtown Helena area.

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              The soda fountain in Helena is the Parrot. It is a great, very old place. Actually a candy store with a soda fountain. Next door, or a couple of doors away, is a bar that serves great lunches and hamburgers. In MT, often the best food comes out of the old bars.

              Off Broadway in Helena is a good choice for dinner, as is the Windbag Saloon on The Gulch.

              In Bozeman, I wouldn't miss John Bozeman's Bistro, along with the other fine suggestions from this group. If you drive from Bozeman to Helena, be sure to stop at Wheat Montana.

              Missoula has so many fine places to eat I can't even start to list them.