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May 23, 2006 02:50 AM


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This is my first time to this island. Can anyone tell about the nitelife there? Good places to eat etc....

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  1. North shore or southern shore?

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        Down in the southern part of Kauai you can find really good restaurants and all the hotels have bars with great views and some music. Keoki's Paradise offers lots of tropical fare and music nearly every night. Duke's is always a fun place with decent food. Have a great time and try to get up to the north part of Kauai. You will be amazed!

    1. We try to keep Chowhound focused on chow, recommendations for places to eat is great, but discussion of nightlife is off topic for these boards and will be removed.

      1. See my post above on the "Kauai Plate Lunches" thread.

        1. My husband and I just returned from Kauai and thought the island was fantastic and the food was TERRIBLE. Everyone told us that we HAD to go to certain places and then when we did, they were mediocre at best. We will return to the island, but next time we will pack an entire suitcase of dry and canned goods to get a headstart on the outrageous grocery prices there and we will cook in the condo. Now we know why the CostCo was so crowded. Here's where we DID eat:
          BARACUDA in Hanalei- extremely expensive, very average at best.
          POSTCARD in Hanalei - one of the better meals, but that's just better compared to all the rest which were bad.
          ONO BURGER - near Kapaa- surely nothing fancy, but one of the BEST meals we had on the island. Way better than Bubba burgers by far.
          KEOKI'S - in Poipu - Think Fridays or Bennigans.
          CHINESE - the counter place everyone talks about in the China Village in Hanalei was our best meal next to Ono Burger.

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            I ate at Baracuda and thought it was just terrible for the price. Also the staff was more snooty than anyplace I have ever eaten. . . ever.


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              I LOVED BarAcuda, and went several times during my trip. The service was great too. I really really disliked Postcards.

          2. Go to the Sheraton @ Princeville. They have a wonderful champagne brunch on Sunday. Eat outside overlooking the ocean where many movies are made. Expensive, but my wife and I went about 5 years ago and still rave about it!

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