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Capische in Maui

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Has anyone been to this Italian restaurant. I am going to Maui in November and someone recommended it. Is it worth it? Thanks.

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  1. I have not been to Capische. My favorite Italian restaurant here is Sarento's on the Beach.

    1. I had a delightful dinner here. The let it slide but my Husband wore a "Maui Tuxedo" nice shorts, and a collar/ think golf) and they prefer pants but said keep it in mind for next time. http://www.capische.com/
      Also we had a party next to us that was LOUD.. and they politely offered to move us, and gracefully took care of the arrangement.
      I know my in laws have been here 1/2 dozen or so time and always loved it.
      I think there are only 9 tables, so make reservations.

      Sorrento’s is also good pretty packed in tables, but I felt Capische was a bit of a finer dining feel. I will be at Sarento’s on the beach table in their wine cellar for a dinner and I hope that to be lovely.
      http://www.tristarrestaurants.com/ this is a website to the four restaurants in the Sarento family.Nick’s is also wonderful, but is in a large resort so it is not as quaint.