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Apr 26, 2006 10:59 AM

Gerard's on Maui

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Anyone have an opinion about Gerard's in the old Pioneer Inn in Lahaina? Checked their site and it seems pricey. Wondered if it is worth it?

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  1. I ate at Gerard's on September 10, 2001. (It's easy to understand why I remember the date.)

    I found the foood mediocre and expensive and would not recommend it on that basis alone.

    What really got me, however, was when they brought our dessert. I am not a complainer, but I could tell with one taste that something was wrong with it -- seriously send-it-back wrong with it. (It was a cake of some kind.). The waiter took it back. He returned from the kitchen and announced that, indeed, they had forgotten to include sugar in the dessert. That's right -- they left out the sugar. Remarkably, there was no apology, and they charged us for the dessert!

    The next day, the world changed, and all was forgotten.

    I returned in 2005, and enjoyed sensational dinnersat Mama's, David Paul's, and Sansei, unbeatable breakfasts at the Gazebo, and more mediocre-to-poor meals at Chez Paul and Five Palms.